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Better Gnomes & Gardens

Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 1

When journalist Bob McLarney lands his perfect job in Mysty Haven, he soon discovers not everything is as it seems. After losing his job, he takes on an offer to find a missing gnome. Join Bob in a hysterical journey through the mysterious and paranormal world of Mysty Haven as he uncovers clues and secrets of the good town folk.

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Murder at the Barksdale

Coming Soon.

When a vampire coach is murdered at the Barksdale's Bed & Breakfast Inn, it's up to sleuth detective Bob McLarney to clear MeMaw and solve the murder. Get ready for an all-out baseball and apple pie ride through Mysty Haven as Bob discovers darks pasts and ancient rivalries. 

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Coming Soon

To Be Announced

YA Paranormal Romance Book1

Works In Progress. Watch for updates.

In Progress

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Works in Progress

Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book3

Works in progress. Stay tuned for updates!

Works in Progress

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